Children's Hospital Donations - Why it makes a difference

There are countless family affected by childhood illness throughout Australia. My family is no different in that experience. In 2008 my youngest brother was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) at age six. As a 14 year old this experience deeply impacted not just myself but my entire family and still only feels like it was yesterday.

Though this was an extremely difficult time for us as a family we were supported by fantastic medical staff and charity groups which made all the difference not just to my brother but our entire family. 

As they say laughter is the greatest form of medicine and I could not agree more. Let's start donating and put some well deserved smiles on the faces of young children and their families this Christmas season. 

Donate this Christmas

Let's put some well deserved smiles of the faces of young children's affected by illness.

All funds and toys collected will be donated to the Children's Hospital Foundation.

Toy's can be delivered to both our New Farm and Bowen Hills locations

Donations running from 5th -23rd of December.

Click below to donate today.